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Toad: yet another static site generator in Racket

1 June 2015

I've finally had enough of Jekyll and am going to build my own damn static site generator over summer.


I'm mostly fed up with how static site generators all force you to use basically the same organisational format. I'm very OCD with my directory structures, and so far I haven't come across a generator with one that I like.

I also wanted to write some more Racket and play with markup generators. I love document generators.


Must haves

  |- ramblings.md
  |- image1.jpg
  |- paper.pdf

and turned into

  |- ramblings.md
  |- image1.jpg
  |- paper.pdf

Why can't metadata be read from the file? Or even from an auto-generated metainfo file when you run toad post.

Nice to have


An uglier version of Frog.


Coming soon at https://github.com/themattchan/toad