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28/10/17yoctolens: the essence of lens
27/08/17Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, and Barbed Wire in Haskell, part 1
28/02/17make: the ultimate static site generator
17/02/17Equational reasoning in Haskell
01/02/17Map from fold
01/02/17The environment model
01/02/17Finger exercises for Haskell
01/02/17Haskell: Eta reduction and sections
30/09/16The next greatest number, part 2
16/09/16The next greatest number
01/06/16Traits and implicits
02/03/16The Function Object pattern
01/02/16Spring 2013 Problem 2
01/11/15Type of compose (midterm 2012 Problem 1A)
01/11/15Polymorphism lecture, in-class exercise C
22/06/15List of FP resources
01/06/15Toad: yet another static site generator in Racket
04/03/15Closures and Objects (draft)
12/12/14Folding a matrix